Awareness for Always in Hope, will begin with production process itself. The “Rare letters” themselves will help drive awareness as the production team reaches out to the community to gather the letters that will tell the story. These connections will be made both in person and via the Always in Hope website and social media channels throughout the research and production phases of the project. By documenting and sharing the process itself including “behind the scenes” footage, interview clips and other Always in Hope content as it’s created we will begin the process of generating demand for the film.

Completing the film is merely the first step. Once the film is complete, there are a number of efforts that will take place over the following months to ensure the film is seen by as many people as possible and generates the greatest impact possible:

• Screenings and roundtable discussions at numerous rare disease and general healthcare related conferences and events.

• The film will also be submitted to prominent film festivals and be screened at special public screenings at select theaters with the ultimate goal of securing critical acclaim and wider distribution through mainstream media channels.

• Always in Hope will forge vital outreach partnerships at national, regional and local levels with patient advocate groups, non-profit organizations, industry healthcare event producers and sponsors interested in aligning themselves with this unique and important project. These partnerships will help generate awareness as the project is discussed and promoted via the social networks of the partnering organizations.

• Throughout the research and production process an online archive will be created that includes much more content than the film itself. This will be available to the general public and will expand the reach of the film and create an online resource for “Rare” education and information.

• A broad-based PR and marketing campaign to support Always in Hope is planned for print, radio, television and the web. Prominent rare community leaders are expected to support this promotion.