In order to make Always in Hope a pure documentary media project, the goal is to fund the project via a community approach. This methodology will help us generate community support, build an audience and enable us to create the project in service to the subject itself without influence, hindrance or obligation to any distribution or funding source.

Documentary projects are a journey of discovery. As such, there are many unknowns, both creatively and budgetarily at the beginning of a project such as Always in Hope.

That being the case, we have broken the budget down into three phases:

1) Research and Production

2) Editing and Post-Production

3) Marketing & Exhibition

Our immediate goal is to fund and complete Phase 1. This initial fundraising effort will center around a 30 day campaign that will begin on Monday, March 14th, 2016.

Over the course of this first phase, we will generate awareness and content that will enable us to refine our budget and successfully fund Phases 2 and 3. If we are fortunate enough to raise dollars in excess of the Phase 1 requirements, they will be applied to Phase 2. The same applies for transitioning from Phase 2 to Phase 3 when the time comes.

The plan is to finish the film in the Fall of 2016 and begin a 12 month marketing campaign that includes working with an established PR firm expert in promoting documentaries, taking the film out on the film festival circuit and to screenings at Rare Community and health related conferences and events.