The following budget breakdowns include all the production and funding expenses necessary to complete each individual phase of Always in Hope:

Phase 1 : Research & Production: Budget $138,676

This phase focuses the team on the story and producing the necessary raw content from which the feature film will be made. The website will also be built out and a short form “behind the scenes” film and other social media content will be produced, all of which will help us generate awareness and funding for the subsequent phases.

Phase 2 : Post Production: Budget estimated at $146,370

This part of the process takes the film through the assembly and finishing stages of editing, graphics, music and audio mixing. The result is a completed project ready for exhibition.

Phase 3 : Marketing & Exhibition: Budget estimated at $118,160

This part of the process will take longer than making the film itself and is arguably equally if not more important than that. The reason being is Always in Hope won’t fully serve its purpose if it is not seen by as wide an audience as possible.